5th Floor Small Claims E-Filing Pima County Consolidated Justice Court The Small Claims E-filing system allows for the initiation of a complaint in the Small Claims Division of the Pima County Consolidated Justice Court.

Prior to filing your complaint online we recommend you read the overview of the small claims process.

For the best experience we recommend using Chrome
Disclaimer: Filing a document electronically does not alter or extend any filing deadline. A document that is received electronically with the Court after 4pm is considered to have been filed on the next business day.
How it Works
Step 1 - Complete Complaint
Enter all the information required in each screen. Be thorough and concise. You will have an opportunity to edit the information prior to submitting the complaint.
Step 2 - Pay Filing Fee
The fee to file a small claims
case is $55.00
Acceptable methods of an online payment are: Visa, Mastercard, or a Personal/Business check.
Once the payment has been successfully processed, the Court will send a confirmation notice to the email address provided indicating that your complaint and payment was received.

If you cannot afford the filing fee you may apply for a Fee Waiver or Deferral at the court; however you will not be able to file your case on-line.
Step 3 - Receive Documents
Within 24 - 48 hours of submitting your complaint you will receive an email that will contain the case number assigned to your filing and the attached documents:
1. Complaint
2. Summons
3. Proof of Service
4. Answer
5. Notice to Plaintiff and Defendant
6. Receipt
Step 4 - Serve Defendant
You have 45 days to serve the defendant with the documents provided by the Court.

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