Civil Traffic Hearing Request

If you were cited for a civil traffic moving violation and wish to contest it, you can request a hearing by mail or online.
We must receive your request on or before the court date on your citation. Simply complete the form below.
A hearing will be scheduled based on the court's availability. You will be notified of the hearing date by email within 7 - 10 business days.

By requesting a hearing for the moving violation you are giving up the option to attend defensive driving school.

You must appear on your scheduled hearing date or your license may be suspended.

A traffic hearing may not be necessary if you were cited for any of the non-moving violations listed below:

28-448A Change of Address
28-907A, B No Child Restraint
28-922 through 28-964 Equipment Violations
28-1177A Operating OHV Without Decal
28-2058 through 28-2060 Transfer of Title
28-2153A, B1 and B2 No Registration/Expired
28-2158C No Registration in Possession
28-2512D1 Improper Display/Off-Road Plate
28-2532A No Registration
28-2354A1 through 28-2354B3 License Plates/Attachment
28-2354C License Plate State Obscured
28-3151A No Valid License/Motorcycle Endorsement
28-3169A No License in Possession
28-4135A, B, and C No Insurance
28-4139A Suspended License Plate

To learn more about your options you must appear in person or contact the Court by phone.

**Please Note: If your case is in default status, you can file a motion online, appear in person or contact the Court at (520) 724-3171 for further information.**
Please fill out the form below to successfully submit your traffic hearing request.

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In order to properly schedule a civil traffic hearing, your case number is required. Please find your case number here:

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