—Headline from the Arizona Daily Star, January 26, 1934

While renting a house in Tucson, John Herbert Dillinger and his gang were arrested by Tucson Police Officers on January 25, 1934.  The gang's first court appearance was at 9:30 the next morning before Pima County Justice of the Peace Charles V. Budlong.
Standing far left is TPD Chief C. A. "Gus" Wollard.  Seated from left, gang members Russell Clark, "Fat Charles" Makley, "Handsome Harry" Pierpont, Dillinger, Opal Long (Clark's "companion"), and Mary "Shorty" Kinder (Pierpont's girlfriend).
Dillinger was gunned down in front of Chicago's Biograph Movie Theatre by three FBI Agents six months later on July 22, 1934.


Mug shots of the Dillinger Gang.  Clockwise from top left, Dillinger, Harry Pierpont, Russell Clark and Charles Makley.
(TPD Photo)

927 North Second Avenue, the Tucson house where the Dillinger gang was captured. Dillinger was sitting on the porch next to the front door.
(TPD Photo)


The Tucson Police Department fingerprint card, booking sheet and an FBI wanted circular for Dillinger. At first he told Tucson police that his name was Frank Sullivan. He listed his address as "transient."
(TPD Photo)

Tucson Police Department officers showed off the large number of weapons confiscated by TPD officers when the Dillinger gang was arrested.
(TPD Photo)


Standing from left, Det. Dallas Ford, Chief C. A. "Gus" Wollard, Harry Foley, Frank Eyman, Captain Jay Smith and "Chet" Sherman. Kneeling from left, Milo Walker, Kenneth Mullaney and Earl Nolan. (TPD Photo)

Dillinger referred to the "hick town" police who captured him. Top row from left, Dan Young, Jesus Camacho and John Hale Chandler. Bottom row from left, Jay Smith, Dallas Ford and Frank Eyman.(TPD Photo)


In a letter dated March 2, 1966, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover thanked TPD Chief Bernard Garmire for donating to the FBI Dillinger's Thompson sub-machine gun and Winchester rifle which are now on display at FBI Headquarters.
(TPD Photo)

Spending the day with History
Many interesting items, including the weapons confiscated from Dillinger his gang, are on display at Tucson Police Department.
(Some photographs on this page courtesy of the Tucson Police Department.)

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